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State Strengthening Families Partners

More than 30 states have developed interdisciplinary leadership teams to implement Strengthening Families. While implementation differs greatly from state to state, there is a commitment in each jurisdiction to use every opportunity to increase the use of the Strengthening Families approach across agencies and programs. In addition to parent leaders, state leadership teams include representatives from child welfare, early childhood, maternal and child health, education, mental health, juvenile justice and sometimes corrections and legal services.

Overview of State Implementation in 2016

The map indicates states that are actively involved in the Strengthening Families National Network (dark blue) or implementing some Strengthening Families strategies at the state level (light blue). The profiles below offer an overview of the Strengthening Families work in specific states as well as additional information on key aspects, evaluation and evolving work.

Implementation in 2016 by Field

State Profiles

Alabama Illinois Ohio
Alaska Kansas Oklahoma
Arkansas Kentucky Pennsylvania
Arizona Maine Rhode Island
California Maryland South Carolina
Colorado Massachusetts Tennessee
Connecticut Michigan Utah
Florida Minnesota Vermont
Georgia Missouri Washington
Guam New Hampshire West Virginia
Hawaii New Jersey Wisconsin
Idaho North Carolina  

Tools for Strengthening Families Leadership Teams

Leading and coordinating Strengthening Families efforts requires a cross-systems, collaborative approach. Learn about the core functions of implementing Strengthening Families at any level, find tools for reaching out to new partners and see other tools for leadership teams here.

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