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Overview of the Strengthening Families Website

The Center for the Study of Social Policy maintains a rich library of resources to support implementation of the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework. The website,, has four main sections:

AboutAbout” includes everything you need to know about the Protective Factors Framework and how it is being implemented. Here you’ll find shareable documents and PowerPoint slides you can use to explain the Protective Factors Framework, the research behind Strengthening Families, the core functions of Strengthening Families implementation and how it is being implemented around the country. This section also includes profiles of state Strengthening Families initiatives and information about how national partner organizations are using the framework.




PracticePractice” includes tools to support aligning practice with the Protective Factors Framework, including the program self-assessment tools that provide inspiration for small but significant changes in how programs work with families. Also included here are “Making the Link” factsheets that explain how Strengthening Families can be used in conjunction with a number of evidence-based programs and practice models; information about building parent partnerships; links to resources for additional training about the Protective Factors Framework; and tools for ensuring accountability.




SystemsSystems” includes a wealth of resources related to implementation in each of four key systems: early care and education, child abuse and neglect prevention, child welfare and home visiting. This section also includes tools and guidance for cross-systems leadership teams and materials you can use for reaching out to new partners in primary care, education and business.





PolicyPolicy” includes information about CSSP’s policy agenda and many issue briefs related to specific federal funding and policy initiatives over the years. 

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