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Cradle to Community

Cradle to Community: Advancing community approaches to safe communities and positive early childhood development

Cradle to Community is a project of CSSP and the EC-LINC Network in partnership with the Prevention Institute (PI) and its UNITY (Urban Networks to Increase Thriving Youth) Network. Together we are undertaking a project to strengthen communities and make them safer, in support of improved outcomes for children and families who are often left behind.

 The project objectives include: 

  1. Advance an understanding of the intersection and interactive nature of community violence/trauma and early childhood development, and the relationship between community conditions and outcomes for individuals and families.
  2. Advance a community of practice that acts on the intersection of positive early childhood development, healthy families and community safety, with a focus on the local level.
  3. Identify systems, community, and policy change strategies that address the community determinants of health to improve outcomes for children, families and their communities.
  4. Understand the landscape of the intersection of community violence/trauma prevention and early childhood development to inform future work and to advance an equitable Culture of Health.


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