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Building the Youth Thrive™ Framework in Jurisdictions

Building the Youth Thrive Framework in JurisdictionsThe purpose of launching and sustaining the Youth Thrive™ approach, working with public agencies and in jurisdictions is to proactively build vulnerable youths' well-being (cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual) in the communities with which we partner. The Youth Thrive™ framework can be applied to all adolescents and young adults ages 9-26. Since 2013, Youth Thrive™ has been working within child welfare systems, and beginning in 2016, we will also be applying this work with juvenile justice and runaway and homeless systems.

The expectation is that jurisdictions adopting the Youth Thrive™ approach will create a climate that is conducive to making change and taking actions that build protective and promotive factors and expand opportunities for youth and their families. Public agencies will use the Youth Thrive™ framework to align policies, practices and operations and will apply that latest evidence-informed research and innovative practice strategies to their work with young people, professionals, practitioners, parents, other caregivers, community leaders and other stakeholders. Click here to read more.

In December 2015, CSSP announced the selection of five new jurisdictions to become part of the Youth Thrive Learning Community. These agencies will join the New Jersey Department of Children and Families and Brevard Family Partnership in applying the Youth Thrive Framework to their policies, as well as to practices and programs serving youth.

Youth Thrive™ Sites

Brevard Family Partnership  New Jersey Department of Children and Families 
Westchester County Department of Social Services  Vermont Department Children and Families 
Nebraska Children and Families Foundation  New York City Department of Probation
Georgia Division of Family and Children Services  

Information about the new sites is forthcoming.

Stages of Implementation




Partner Agencies - Stages of Implementation


Download - Partner Agencies: Stages of Implementation 

This tool is used in planning in concert with the Stages of Implementation rubric to establish a baseline and develop a plan of action.
Guiding Questions for Public Agencies/Jurisdictions


Download - Guiding Questions for Public Agencies/Jurisdictions

This tool offers prompts and other guidance for thinking through how to adopt the Youth Thrive™ framework at every possible lever under an agency or jurisidiction's control. These include Leadership & Governance, Programs and Services Array, Contracting & Licensing Procedures, Training & Supervision, Policy and Practice, Systems for Data Collection & Continuous Quality Improvement, and Agency Culture & Approaches for Youth Engagement.


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Early Childhood - LINC

A learning and innovation network developed by and for communities, EC-LINC's mission is to support families and improve results for young children in communities across the country with a focus on accelerating the development of effective, integrated, local early childhood systems.

Co-sponsored by the CSSP and the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, Early Childhood-LINC works to:

  • Create a "community of communities" that fuels learning and innovation to tackle the toughest shared challenges and demonstrate results.
  • Build and disseminate knowledge about the range of community-based efforts across the country.
  • Develop opportunities for local leaders and state and federal policymakers to work together to accelerate strategies that improve results for children and families.
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