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Informational Video

Youth Thrive™ Informational Video

Youth Thrive™: Advancing Healthy Adolescent Development and Well-Being

Youth Thrive™: A Framework to Help Adolescents Overcome Trauma and Thrive 

Youth Thrive™: Positive Well-Being Indicators for Youth and Young Adults

Public Agency Framework Application

Core Meanings Youth Thrive™ Protective and Promotive Factors

Youth Resilience

Social Connections

Concrete Supports in Times of Need

Knowledge of Adolescent Development

Cognitive and Social-Emotional Competence in Youth

Resilience Ready? Check out the new Youth Thrive™ training module

The Youth Thrive Resiliency Training Module is now available. Using interactive games and engaging activities, the module presents a variety of ways to teach, learn and experience resiliency. It can be used with youth, staff, families and other groups for professional development, at meetings or events. Content includes introductions to mindfulness, yoga and relaxation techniques and is divided up into short segments that can be done in 10-30 minutes. Thanks to Jean Carpenter-Williams of the National Resource Center for Youth Services at the University of Oklahoma who developing this resource which is a supplement to the Youth Thrive training curriculum.



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