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Much of the research and the discourse about expectant and parenting youth and their children focuses on their increased vulnerability to long-term negative experiences, such as future involvement of their children in the child welfare system, income and housing instability and interrupted education. CSSP believes that these families also present policymakers, administrators and practitioners with twice the opportunity. By building multi-generational strategies that strengthen and meet the developmental needs of both parents and their children, we can create a system of opportunities through which these young families can succeed and thrive. 

The following is a compilation of research reports that can help inform policy and practice.

CSSP Research Reports

NEW: Expectant and Parenting Youth in Foster Care: Addressing Their Developmental Needs to Promote Healthy Parent and Child Outcomes

Advancing Healthy Adolescent Development and Well-Being

The Strengthening Families Approach and Protective Factors Framework: Branching Out and Reaching Deeper

Parents’ Assessment of Protective Factors: User’s Guide and Technical Report

Additional Research

Midwest Evaluation of the Adult Functioning of Former Foster Youth: Outcomes at Age 26 

California’s Most Vulnerable Parents: When Maltreated Children Have Children A Data Linkage and Analysis Project 

Pregnant and Parenting Youth in Foster Care in Washington State: Comparison to Other Teens and Young Women who Gave Birth

Pregnant and Parenting Youth in Foster Care, National Peer Learning Network Meeting: Cross-Site Summary Data and California Examples


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