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Tools, Resources & Research

The Expectant and Parenting Youth in Foster Care Learning Collective is an interactive forum designed for professionals working with this population to learn from our approach and share resources with each other. The tools and resources offered in this section are designed to help child welfare systems make operational and administrative changes that

  • Expand opportunities for young parents and their children
  • Reduce safety risks of children in the care of adolescents in foster care
  • Work toward permanency and improve well-being of young families
  • Build resilience and protective and promotive factors that help youth thrive.

The tools, research and resources here are based on the following elements:

  • Multi-generationally oriented: Policies and practices are responsive to three generations including the adolescent parents, their young children and the other adults who care for and support them. 
  • Developmentally driven: Policies and practices are informed by principles of healthy adolescent brain development, and early childhood development. 
  • Trauma-informed: Policies and practices recognize the impact of trauma on development and incorporate strategies for screening and addressing trauma symptoms. 
  • Protective and Promotive Factors guided: Policies and practices create opportunities that support well-being for healthy development and strengthen young families. 

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