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Sacramento County Expectant and Parenting Youth Collaborative

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The Sacramento County Expectant and Parenting Youth Collaborative, a subset of the Child Protective Services Division of Sacramento County, California Department of Health and Human Services, in collaboration with the Children’s Law Center of California, works with both county and private partners to share resources and create opportunities for young families in foster care.  



Results for Expectant and Parenting Youth in Foster Care

EPY results

Sacramento County’s key strategies to achieve results include the following:
  1. Develop trauma-informed practices and services to increase well-being outcomes for expectant and parenting youth (EPY) and their children.
  2. Embrace a collaborative service delivery approach to work jointly with youth in team decision making settings.
  3. Utilize mentoring programs to connect EPY to a caring adult or a peer to whom they feel they can turn for advice and support.
  4. Expand priority access to key support services to include children of foster youth.
  5. Increase the capacity of the Whole Family Foster Care Curriculum to better prepare families to care for EPY and their children.
  6. Develop a sexual and reproductive health policy and procedures to address the sexual and reproductive health care needs of youth in foster.
  7. Incorporate youth voice in the development of policies and practices.   

To track results, the implementation team will be meeting every other week to review and discuss indicators of success.  Sacramento will be bolstering its efforts to accurately tracking members of the EPY population in Child Welfare Services/Case Management System, specifically aiming to collect more data on young fathers to better understand their needs.

Current Data

(as of October, 2014)

Data Profile:

  • # Expectant and Parenting Youth: 94 (females)
  • Average Age: 19 years
  • 83% have their children living with them



Contact Information:

Barbara Oleachea

Email: oleacb @

Phone Number: 916-876-9989

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