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CSSP believes that policymaking should be based on achieving concrete results; and that using reliable data for learning and accountability leads to improved outcomes for all children and families.

Public Policy

By helping policymakers focus on a singular goal: Achieving sustainable and measurable improvements for children and families too often left out and left behind, CSSP helps accomplish this.

Results-based public policy helps policymakers:

  • Establish an aspiration that directs policy, budgeting and oversight on the desired result for children and families.
  • Use results to drive decisions about policies, programs, practices and the investment of taxpayer dollars.
  • Measure progress and assure accountability by using powerful and commonly understood data.
  • Improve cost-effectiveness because now more than ever, smart policies that make a difference are essential to the nation's long-term economic and civic health. In this severe economic downturn, leading with results is the best way to make hard spending decisions.

Results-Based Public Policy Framework from Center for the Study of Social Policy
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