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CSSP Statement on the Recent Events in Charlottesville, VA

WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 14, 2017)—We are alarmed, saddened and angered by the violent events that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. White supremacists and others promoting racism and bigotry were there to do more than demonstrate. They attacked people peacefully counter-protesting – taking the life of one and physically injuring several others. In addition, their actions and hateful message traumatized people throughout our country watching these events unfold. When hate speech and violence like this occurs, we at the Center for the Study of Social Policy are compelled by our mission and values to stop and publicly recognize the ugly nature of these events, the existence and ongoing rise of these hate groups, the pain they cause now and their potential for damage into the future.

We partner every day with state and community leaders who work to create a more just and equal society and to meet the needs of children, youth and families. We call out and aim to rectify structural and institutional racism that inflicts trauma on people and communities, with particular attention to those affected by discrimination based on race, immigration status and sexual orientation and gender identity. We work with diverse partners, policymakers, advocates and youth and adults to design and promote policies and practices that support equitable results for children and families. Our work shows us that love is stronger than hate, that inclusion is more beneficial than discrimination and that justice benefits all. Smart, compassionate and tireless people across the country share this work with us every day. Events, such as the one in Charlottesville, strengthen our commitment to combating racism and other forms of oppression so that every child and family has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Many of our partners have already publicly condemned what happened in Charlottesville. We encourage our partners and those in our extended network to join us in standing up against hate and oppression. More than that – to stand up for the values that define what makes this country strong – our diversity and our commitment to each other.

The Center for the Study of Social Policy is a national organization recognized for its leadership in shaping policy, reforming public systems and building the capacity of communities. We support elected officials, public administrators, families and neighborhood residents to take the actions they need. Our goal is to make sure children can learn, develop and thrive with the support of strong families, in safe and healthy communities. Visit us online at and join our conversations on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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