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Now Available: Eight-Module Strengthening Families Curriculum

  ·   By Cailin O'Connor,

Strengthening Families

New training materials are available to support implementation of the Strengthening Families approach. The Strengthening Families Scripted Curriculum Series consists of eight training modules containing slides, a suggested script for trainers, handouts and activities to help professionals apply the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework in their work with children and families.

The series presents CSSP’s most up-to-date research and reflects lessons learned from over a decade of implementation of the protective factors approach in child- and family-serving programs and systems across the country. Released one module at a time over the past eight months, the entire curriculum is now available for your use and adaptation.

CSSP worked in partnership with jurisdictions using the Strengthening Families approach in their child welfare systems to develop materials that help child welfare workers to understand the Strengthening Families approach and apply it in their daily practice. Former Strengthening Families initiative director Nilofer Ahsan led the development of these materials to meet the needs of specific jurisdictions over several years, then combined and revised content from across those and other projects into a comprehensive Strengthening Families curriculum in 2015.

While the training materials were initially designed for a child welfare audience, much of their content can be used or adapted for other audiences. In addition, while the entire curriculum can be used as a multi-day training, you are also free to pick and choose from the materials to meet your training needs. For example:

  • Need to make a presentation on an aspect of Strengthening Families? Use one or more modules from CSSP’s Strengthening Families curriculum, adapting as necessary for your audience.
  • Have you been wanting to incorporate some Strengthening Families content into other trainings or presentations? These slides, handouts and activities can be inserted into existing trainings or bundled with other content as needed.
  • Has your child welfare system been looking for ways to help caseworkers move to a strengths-based, protective factors approach? Talk to your child welfare training academy about how they could incorporate these materials into their pre-service training or professional development offerings.

See an overview of the curriculum here, find all the materials in the “Training and Professional Development” part of the Strengthening Families website, or click to view the script of each module below:

  1. Introduction to Strengthening Families : A protective factors framework
  2. Understanding the Strengthening Families protective factors
  3. Youth Thrive: A protective factors approach for older youth
  4. Trauma and brain development: A protective factors approach
  5. Making small but significant changes in child welfare practice
  6. Taking a community approach to Strengthening Families
  7. The research behind Strengthening Families
  8. Tools to support Strengthening Families implementation

Let us know how you use CSSP’s curriculum to move Strengthening Families implementation in your work.

Cailin O'Connor is a senior policy analyst at CSSP.


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