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Promise Neighborhoods

The Promise Neighborhoods Initiative is a federal program that supports community-driven, place-based efforts to improve educational and developmental outcomes for children in distressed communities.  Through our support of public investment in place-based community change efforts and our approach to technical assistance, CSSP is committed to advancing the goals of the Promise Neighborhoods initiative.  Through the Promise Neighborhoods Institute, CSSP is also working with PolicyLink and the Harlem Children’s Zone to develop a community of practice and knowledge resource for neighborhood level change.

CSSP’s Promise Neighborhood work includes:

  • Investing in Community Change.  Through Financing Community Change, CSSP responds rapidly to requests from federal officials, philanthropies, policymakers and others for help in the design and implementation of programs and funding streams that support result-focused community change efforts.  CSSP helped to ensure that a focus on results was central to the Promise Neighborhoods initiative.  In Focusing on Results in Promise Neighborhoods: Recommendations for the Federal Initiative, we asserted that pursuing results allows for collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders that is focused on common goals, enables us to better target communities in need, ensures data driven assessments of programs, and drives a commitment to achieving positive outcomes.  The Promise Neighborhoods initiative is now positioned to help communities do just that.
  • Technical Assistance.  In 2009, CSSP began working with Making Connections sites to prepare for and develop competitive proposals for the Promise Neighborhoods grant application and will continue to support Making Connections sites that are committed to moving forward in developing solutions.  Additionally, CSSP made several tools and analyses  available to help communities across the country better understand the goals and requirements under the Promise Neighborhoods Initiative.  Building on Lessons Learned” through our work with Making Connections, CSSP is providing technical assistance to Promise Neighborhood Initiative grantees and other communities committed to place-based community change efforts to improve results for kids.    
  • Promise Neighborhoods Institute.  In keeping with our commitment to transforming neighborhoods, lifting up what works, and helping to drive public investments in community change efforts, CSSP and its partners will provide a resource center for Promise Neighborhood grantees and other communities committed to improving educational outcomes for children in their communities.
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