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Responsible Redevelopment

CSSP is working in partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to support three communities engaged in Responsible Redevelopment – an approach to physical development that ensures residents are benefitting and human and social capitol is being built to sustain these efforts over time. Work is currently underway in New Orleans, Camden and San Diego. CSSP’s work includes:

  • Stewarding a results-focused investment strategy in a way that advances and helps to sustain Responsible Redevelopment activities locally
  • Supporting a transition to more local ownership of the work in a way that leaves a legacy of community capacity to continue this work
  • Disseminating and sharing the lessons from the Foundation’s Responsible Redevelopment investments with the private, for-profit development community, as well as with federal, state and local policymakers to allow the knowledge, tools and experience gained in this area to be a resource to others and, over time, to be adopted in more public and private development efforts
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