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Communication Tools

Strengthening Families: An Overview - Share this handout about Strengthening Families and how it is being implemented in states and systems with others who are just learning about the Protective Factors Framework.

Strengthening Families Protective Factors Slides – Use this PowerPoint presentation (or add these slides to your existing presentation) for a complete definition of each of the protective factors and the everyday actions that support families in building them.

Messaging at the Intersections - CSSP has developed materials to help programs and states initiate discussions with new stakeholders around how Strengthening Families relates to their work. The idea is to bring the message to new groups of professionals who interact with children and families on a regular basis. To date these one-pagers include why the work is important and initial action steps that can be taken by:

Strengthening Families Style Guide - This resource includes information on how to reference the work, logos, colors and more.

Customized state Strengthening Families logos are now available for download. These logos can be used for state-specific efforts around the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework. Click any thumbnail image below for a larger version. Once you have the full-sized image open, right click or "save as" the file for your records and begin using.

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