Ideas Into Action

Customer Satisfaction

CSSP’s Customer Satisfaction work is aimed at transforming residents in vulnerable communities into empowered consumers who demand quality services. It borrows from the private sector, where customers decide which companies thrive, which goods and services are available and even how they are provided.

The Customer Satisfaction work applies this model to geographic locations where access to quality services is crucially linked to family well-being. It includes the delivery of public and private services, goods and other supports needed. As residents become informed consumers, they shape the marketplace by communicating preferences and experiences to organizations that deliver these services in their neighborhoods. There are currently customer satisfaction projects underway in Montgomery County, MD and Atlanta, GA.

Consumers Union – publishers of Consumers Report – are CSSP’s local partners in this work, helping to:

  • Improve responsiveness and effectiveness of service providers in the neighborhood
  • Link regular customer feedback to quality service improvement plans
  • Change the power balance between customers in poor and vulnerable neighborhoods and the organizations, agencies and workers that provide services
  • Promote a consumer base that is more informed and ready to take action in their neighborhoods and communities

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